17 new confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1

17 new confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1

With many Singaporeans returning from their June holidays or coming
home for their summer vacation from countries such as the US, UK and
Australia, we can expect an increase in the number of imported cases of H1N1. This by itself is manageable provided every traveller closely follows the MOH travel advisory and personal hygiene advice. This includes not boarding the plane if feeling unwell. Should any traveller develop flu-like symptoms when onboard the plane, they are advised to seek immediate treatment upon arrival.

Today, Singapore has confirmed 17 new cases, all involving travellers
returning from countries with known community transmission of H1N1. Some of the cases were individuals who proceeded with their travel and/or meetings and social activities despite having developed symptoms.

MOH will like to remind travellers, especially if they have recently been to
countries that have been considered by WHO to have sustained community
transmission or to be in transition towards community transmission, as well as countries that have been reported to have exported cases, not to engage in
extensive community activities such as working, shopping and participating in
mass activities until they are well. This will help mitigate the risk of community spread in Singapore and make our containment efforts more effective.

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